Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Busy Times End of School Year

Sorry for my long departure from the blogging world.  The last month has been filled with handing out yearbooks, making teacher gifts for the end of the school year, and our family's annual road trip.  With all of that happening, I haven't had much time to document my paper crafting.

Check out my end of the year cards and books for the boys' teachers.  I made the two books and six cards in less than a week.  One book is 27 pages and the other is 36 pages.  That's right, over 60 6" x 6" pages and 6 cards on top of that.  I was a crafting machine.  I am so proud of myself. 

Every year, I make a book for my sons' teachers.  I take portraits of each student and then have them write something nice about the teacher or a favorite part of the school year.  On one side of the page is the portrait, the opposite side is the note from that student.  Some comments are sweet, along the lines of "You are the best teacher, ever, I will miss you."  Others make me laugh, like, "You were nice sometimes." 

The books are simple 6" x 6" books made of a cardstock with embellishments of 6x6 patterened papers, which I cannot find the name, now.  I thought it was Basic Grey's Urban Prairie, but it is not.  Can anyone help me out?  I used every last bit of the paper and tossed the labels.  Silly me.  I bought this paper months ago, thinking it had the perfect feel for a school memory book.  Filled with images of rulers, apples, and small floral patterns, it seems a perfect fit.  I added in a little ribbon and lace gathered from my local fabric store, bound it with my Bind-It-All, and voila...a book put together in a few days.

Seriously, I have to say, I love the school the boys go to and am happy to make a little memoire for their teachers.  The teachers and staff have built a true community where parents are welcome but learning is always the focus.


  1. Chris - any teacher would LOVE those books - such a great gift, even for a teacher who is only nice some of the time LOL!
    Do I get a prize for naming the paper line? Pretty sure it is Crate Paper Farmhouse - I love the rulers/yardsticks.

  2. Yes, it is Crate Paper Farmhouse. Thank you! I love the yard stick...something about that metaphor with school works for me.
    Glad to be back in the virtual blogging world.

  3. Great little books Chris, happy to see you're home safe and sound from your summer family adventure! hope to see you soon!