Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo Transfer Fun Part 1

In a recent class with Sherry Mendoza, I learned a ton of new techniques.  One of the super neat-o techniques was to do a photo transfer from an ink jet printed image to canvas using gel medium.  I have heard of doing photo transfer with all sorts of things, from tape to gin.  Using the gel medium was extremely easy and quite fun.  I will give tutorials for both techniques that I know today and tomorrow.
I am going to preface this with a little advise after trying this quite a few times, many different ways.  The technique works best using raw canvas and an image that full of contrast and not too detailed.  Colored images seem to bleed a bit, using canvas with or without gesso.  I think I ultimately like the black and white images on raw canvas best.  The photos in my tutorial are using gesso, but I have more samples below.  Scroll to the bottom of the post for my favorite transferred images.

Photo Transfer Technique 1:
Gel/Matte Medium 

1 piece of canvas (can be with gesso or raw*)
Gel or Matte Medium
Ink Jet color or black and white photo printed on cardstock (No larger than 3.5" x 5")
Wide, Flat Paint Brush (foam brushes work great, too)

Step 1:  Start by printing up the image on any water color paper or cardstock. 

Step 2:  Cut out the ink jet image.

Step 3:  Put the image, ink side down, onto the canvas.  (*If you put the image on the gesso covered canvas, the colors will soften and blend a bit. If you use the raw side of the canvas, it will have less bleeding. I like the blended, soft look of the gesso side, so I used the gesso covered canvas in this sample.) Trace around it with pencil.  I usually just mark the corners, so the pencil lines can easily be removed later.  Lift up image and set aside.  Remove the image from the canvas that you just traced.

Step 4:  Paint gel/matte medium onto the canvas in the penciled in spot, a nice layer, not too thin, not too thick. 

Step 5: Place the printed image onto the canvas while the medium is still wet. Place the photo down onto the glue. You should see the backside of the paper!


Step 6:  Brayer the paper with the image side down. I even rub my fingers over it to make sure there is a good seal.

Step 7:  Set it aside and let it dry.After a half hour or when the image is totally dry.  Dry time will vary quite a bit, so this is often something I do one day and return to it the next day. 

Step 8:  Spray the paper the card stock with a water. 

Step 9:  Then using circular motions, rub off the paper, until the ink is showing through.  It is like magic, when the image is revealed. 

Finished Product

This one I really like.  The white spots are where the medium didn't capture the ink.  I still like it though, since the transferred images are a bit softer and less detailed than the originals.

Here are a few others I made in black and white on the raw canvas. 

I like the soft vintage feel it gives to the photos.

This also works with transferring printed patterned papers to canvas, also.  Remember the pattern you will see goes directly against the glue.  It is hidden until the paper is rubbed away.  I don't recommended papers with text, because the transfer process prints the reverse of the image.  Writing will appear backwards.  Now, this can be a neat effect, if you are trying to create an mirror image.  Hope you enjoyed this and try this at home, too.  I have enjoyed playing with it.  Next, I want to experiment with using different colored card stock for printing the images and see if it will impact the transferred images.

Tomorrow I will teach you a quick photo transfer technique I learned from Jacquie Southas ( The following day I will share some "Oops" stories and the ways I think I can still work with the images.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Sketch

I found some time to play with my new art toys, the Gelatos.  I had used them in a class a couple weeks ago and wanted to experiment with them some more.  Faber-Castell has really rich colors that remind me of colored pencils and oil pastels. 

The Mummy Lady
The Mummy Lady was made using graphite pencil and the Gelatos over top the pencil lines.    Then, I went over everything with a blending tool.  See how the yellow blends into the pink in her halo?  So pretty.. I love the affect.  I also really like how her body is really serpent-like.

I couldn't find any color names on the Gelatos, but I used basic, bright colors: orange, yellow, white, light green, red, black, and pink. 
The Lady is going to be in the Shoppe book.  Thinking I will have her inside layers of distressed papers and maybe even some muslin, layered with gesso and paint.  Let's see how this evolves...I am off to craft.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What to Do With Little Time and a Bad Back

It has been quiet here on the blog, but not at my house.  The end of the school year brings with it so many activities.  We have end-of-the-year celebrations for all the activities of my two wonderful boys.  They are smart and very active, keeping the whole family busy at this time of the year.
In addition, I help out at their school.  I make the yearbook (a true labor of love, but hundreds of hours of work) and run the chess club.  Plus, I am a den leader for scouts and on the scout committee.  It is manageable most of the time, but this time of the year, I am grateful my head is attached, because I am certain I would misplace it.
On top of all that , I have been battling to be upright.  My back has been in spasm, making it tough to sit and do paper crafting.  So...I have been making rolled flowers.

I have made rolled flowers in Graphic 45 Proper Gentleman papers, solid card stock, and a few felt flowers. Some I added a little Stickles. Don't they look pretty all piled up in the Mason jar? They are all My Favorite Things dies, Royal Rolled Rose, Rolled Rose, and another small scalloped rolled rose from MFT, that I cannot find the name. 

Scalloped Rose

To make larger roses, I rolled up the MFT scalloped rose, glued it together, and then wrapped the MFT rolled rose or the MFT royal rose around it. Being laid up has really allowed me to play and experiment.

Double Rolled Rose
Royal Rose
Double Rolled Rose with Rolled Rose and Scalloped Rose

This is one I made rolling up the two different flowers together.  I used two shades of pink the scalloped rose and the rolled rose dies from MFT.

Today I am off to the San Diego county math tourney...maybe I get to craft later?  I know, I 'll bring a sketch pad and my new gelatos (spelling?) from Faber-Castell.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Shoppe Book Pages 1 and 2

This layout has changed shape more times than I can count.  It all started with the reverse, the right page was on the left and vice versa.  Remember the photo of the layout yesterday?  Well, after a day of reworking it.  Here it is.

Oh, there are so many details to talk about on these pages.  I think my favorite part is the shrink plastic bottles.  I stamped it in StazOn on the plastic and cut it out.  Then I colored it very lightly with pastels and shrunk it down with the heat gun.  Don't you think it turned out cool?  The colors get so intense when you shrink them down.  I added the word "create" before I shrank it down, a reference to Art being my medicine. 

Another favorite part is the "Think outside of the box" embellishment.  I stamped in on vanilla card stock and distressed it with Distress Inks.  Then I backed it with two patterned papers pieces about an eighth inch larger than the last.  I fringed the edges of the paper and curled it up around the stamp.  I love how this turned out and will try it again.  I am thinking on a layout at the beach...
Of course, I have to add an interactive bit to play with.  So I slit open the bird cage and glued the arm onto it.  I cut out a butterfly from the patterned paper and attached it to a spiral.  
When you open the door with the arm, a butterfly springs out of thecage. 
There are so many little highlights to these pages, I have a hard time picking a few.  So here are a few other favorite little vignettes:

I love the butterflies circling her face.  This is a combination of two stamps.  One is her face and chest, which is actually a clock.  This is a stamp I have had for years by Stampers Anonymous.  The second stamp is the Graphic 45 corset.  I slit the corset and slipped the bust into the corset.  I really like the way it turned out.  It looks like it is one stamp.   The butterflies were cut from the Shoppe patterned paper.  
I also like the play of the different butterflies in this section.  I added Tim Holtz tissue tape and cut a second butterfly from the patterened paper to add dimension.  Don't you love that tissue tape?  I am going to play with this some more!
Here is the last of the close ups of pages 1 and 2.  There are several butterflies, echoing the four butterflies on the opposite page.  The dragonfly-like ones I stamped with Memento on canvas, colored with Copics, and cut out.   The stamp is from teh Graphic 45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe stamps.  The other two butterflies are cut from the patterned paper.  I love all the texture between the shiny Mod Podge to the canvas to the the linen of the papered paper.
Now, onto pages 2 and 3...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

How My Mind Works

I decided to spend a couple days delving into how my mind works and where these creations come from.  I guess, trying to document the creation process.
It really starts with something that inspires me.  It might be a new product, a new tool, or it could be as simple as a group of colors I find in nature.  Once the inspirations hits, it's time to move to my table.  Yes, I have a table in my craft room, but I like to work on the dining room table.  (Maybe it makes feel a bit better about the few meals I do actually cook.) 

This project was inspired by Graphic 45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe patterned papers. I was struck by the image of a wind up lady doll. It got me thinking about all the different aspects of my life. All the roles I hold and the titles in my life. I thought, wouldn't it be interesting to dive into each of those aspects a bit deeper.

 Away we go, the Curiosity Shoppe Book was born. I gathered the papers and stamps from the collection, added in some card stock, some ribbons, and other embellishments I think might work. Then I start to play. I cut things out and lay them out, pick them up, add in more stuff, and repeat until I have something I like. It is really a gut reaction kind of thing.

Surrounding myself with the product seems to get me into the mood of creating and then I go where ever it takes me...I am working on pages one and two after finishing the cover a week ago.


Wait until you see the newer version..this layout has changed dramatically.  See it tomorrow, when it is finished...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wind Me Up

Wind Me Up

Today I woke up a bit sore after having to do some cleaning yesterday.  It made me think about this project I did a few months ago.  It was while I was on a fantastic retreat with several precious girlfriends, inspirational leaders, and all around talented ladies.

Enough gushing, here is the project.  I have to apologize, because I was given the paper and I don't know who makes it.  The wind up lady stamp is Graphic 45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe and the butterflies are Stampin' Up. The background stamp is from Studio 490, Just Sew Artsy.

I stamped the wind up lady three times.  Once in Memento London Fog, twice in Memento Black.  I colored the two images stamped in black with bright Copic colors.  I then cut the two ladies in half.  I took care to cut out the image with extra to allow for the fastener.  I and attached her back together with these tiny brads from Tim Holtz, so you can straighten her out. 

 Notice how the the lady is hinged and can be pulled up to the colorful butterflies. I attached a loop of paper to the hinged lady, wrapping it around the slits in the background paper. Attached a ribbon to each side so you can pull her from the grey shadows to the bright colored world above.
Feeling a bit like her today. 

My back it sore, but the minds still soars...  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Card Playing with My Favorite Things

In case you think I only work with Graphic 45 products, here is a project with some of my other favorite paper and stamp companies.  I made this card using My Mind's Eye's Miss Caroline patterned papers, Bazzill card stock, stamp and die from My Favorite Thing's Die-namics and stamp set, First Class Friend .  I have used both these papers and this die and stamp set before.  While most of the sentiments are about love and friendship, there are a few that work for any occasion.

This card is all about layering to create depth without bulk.  After all, I need to send this card to my Mom.  I layered up card stock and the Miss Caroline papers to create the illusion of depth.  Note how wrapped the stamp die in baker's twine and tied it with a cute, little bow.
I love how that grey rickrack is the perfect mirror to the stamp edge!

And, you know, I always have to include something to interact with and play with.  The inside of the card has the Paper Trey Ink die, Movers & Shakers Zipper Die.  Underneath the zipper pull, I hand wrote, "Happiest Mother's Day!"  But my Mom gets to be the one to pull it open.

Don't you just love that dusty rose colored lace?  Bought it at a local fabric store on a fun lace buying shopping spree.  I love the fresh color in the traditional lace ribbon.  I think it goes perfectly with the Miss Caroline papers!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art Therapy Courtesy of Graphic 45
Some of you may know, but I have a tricky back that causes regular leg pain and weakness.  Occasionally, I need to use a cane for walking and standing.  This is greatly frustrating for an otherwise healthy 40 year-old woman.  Plus, does anyone like the ugly, mechanical, and industrial look of most medical devises?  Not ME!

To soften the pain of having to carry this unappealing devise, I decided to cover it in Graphic 45's Olde Curiosity Shoppe patterned papers.   It seems appropriate to have the cane lined with bottles to bring about the idea of the cane being a medicine. 
I know I have said this before, but this line of paper is so inspiring!  I love Graphic 45's Olde Curiosity Shoppe!!!

I started by pulling the end off the bottom of the cane.  Then I sanded all the metal on the cane.  The next step was to cover it with Mod Podge and the patterned papers.  I cut out the holes for adjusting the height of the cane.

Hopefully, this will soften the blow of having to rely upon the cane. 
The goal is that
people will talk to me about how I decorated my beautiful cane, instead of talking about my cursed back.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The other day I was reflecting on old time toys.  In particular, I was thinking about the jumping jack dolls, where you pull the string and their arms and legs move up and down.  I thought about how much fun it would be to make boy dolls with my sons' faces.  So away I went.  I designed these boys myself.  I started with the arms.  I free cut out one arm shape in chipboard.  I cut two for each boy.  I could flip it over to make the left side.  Then I made the legs the same way.
 I made the body with extra space around the joints to allow plenty of space for the brads.  I took a close up photo and re sized it to 2" to be in proportion to the doll bodies.  I printed them out on card stock and glued them.  I covered the rest of the body with Graphic 45's A Proper Gentleman pattern papers.  I trimmed any excess paper from the edges and lightly sanded any remaining bits of paper.
I added on a collar by sewing a strip of paper that I slit at the top and folded down the corners.  I also added a belt with a paper strip.  The buttons are from my Mother in Law's stash of old buttons.  The brads are Making Memories.  The mechanism to make the boys arms and legs move with a string didn't work out.  My motto is: There Are No Mistakes in Scapbooking, Just Opportunity for Embellishment!  The legs and arms move and the boys can dance by simply holding the body and giving the doll a little shake.  These boys make me smile almost as much as my sons.