Thursday, August 23, 2012

Curiosity Shoppe Book Pages 5 and 6

I am going to preface this post with a little warning. 
These images are a bit intense and are maybe too much for small children. 
But it part of my story and a part of me that I don't often share with people.  So here it goes, I am opening up to the world a part of my world...
My BACK Story
I have hard chronic back pain for the past ten years.  I cannot tolerate some medications, so I must get regular epidural injections of steroids.  While these are not fun, they are what keeps me upright and able to craft.  Okay, I admit it, I have cried over my cursed back.  But at the same time I try not to let it define me.  It is a part of me, not all of me. Thankfully, I have wonderful (back) support from my family and friends.
So here is a little less pretty side of me, but a part all the same...
Curiosity Shoppe Book Pages 5 and 6
My Back Story

I drew the picture of my back with gelatos, added some Curiosity Shoppe Stamps from Graphic 45.  I wanted the back to have a bit of Frankenstein's Monster look to it, but still be feminine.  After it was all colored and stamped, I and sewed it to muslin. 
Then I stuffed it with battling and stitched the vertebrae into the paper to give it depth.  Then I sewed that to the canvas paper that was lined with some Graphic 45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe patterned paper.  I finished it off by coloring the tips of pearl push pins with Copic marker (G20) and stuck them into the image. Gosh, it hurts a bit just to type it...
For the right side of the page, I made more of an altered art collage.  I started with Graphic 45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe patterned papers and added some muslin.  I wanted the feel of the page to be a gauzy and ethereal all at the same time.  A bit of a paradox, but that is really how I see these experiences.  I have to get through the pain for the relief to come.

The whole idea for this came from a sketch I did while watching tv with my kids.  I doodled the image and wanted to make it look like it was under the magnifying glass.  I added a clear, acrylic circle from Ranger.  Between the sketch and the acrylic I added a clear journaling frame from Teresa Collins (I think, I have had it for ages).  Add the black paper, I cut by hand and a few embellishments to the handle and it was finished.

Here are a couple other of my favorites...
I love the butterfly in the jar and the image transferred from patterned paper onto canvas.  I also really like the muslin ruffle.
 I stamped the frog in a jar onto glossy paper and colored it with Copics. 


  1. I still think it is cool that you did this. And one day, soon I hope, when you no longer have back pain, this will be a unique part of your history! Hugs and hope to see you next week!

  2. This is so, so cool - the texture and dimension are amazing on the "monster" back. I laughed at your description of putting the pins in, but maybe they are accupuncture pain relief pins? You are creating an amazing art journal!

  3. Chris thisis soooooo cool. I know ialready saaitinperson but really like the picture of it too.

  4. Ok so i am trying to type using mynew tablet...sorry about the typos above lol