Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rainbow Plumeria Blooms

Thank you to my green thumbed hubbie!
I can stake no claim as to growing these gorgeous plants, but I can capture their images.  My husband is an avid plant collector.  He finds a new variety of plant he likes and he has to have every type and color.  Can you relate to this? (Insert paper or crafting supplies for plant.)  So anyway, after having our plumeria garden grow from a single plant into a collection of over two dozen small trees, I have lots of great fodder for photography. 
 This plumeria is a variety that my hubbies has dubbed "LA Large Rainbow". I am not sure if there is another name, but it sure is spectacular!
Don't you love how the petals curl around? 
Look at that bright pink!
 I like how the viens of the leaf are the same bright pink / red of the petal tips.
The photo can capture the beauty, but not the fragrance. It smells like peaches!
A million thank you's to my husband who has stood by me through my paper obesssion and loves me more than ever.  I love you endlessly, my sweet! 
Happy anniversary a few days early!


  1. These are gorgeous!! You so have a talent of photography!

  2. Chris,

    How lucky you are to have a hubbie with such a green thumb! These pictures are LOVELY! I think it is so much fun to create beautiful photgraphs from flowers, huh?

    Happy Anniversay...probably a bit late now:)