Thursday, January 10, 2013

Peony Fairy Box

Purple Fairy's Home

In Progress

Overall, the Purple Fairy is going to be living in a wooden wine box that I am converting into a perfect habitat for a fairy.  Think whimsically creepy...coining a new turn of phrase here, but it does describe the aesthetic I want. I am making a bunch of paper flowers and layers of grasses.  Adding to the creepy part, the box will be embellished with doll arms and legs and clock cogs.  In the vein of being true art, I am addressing issues of being feminine in the modern age. 
Okay, enough of philosophy, back to color and fun!
Work in progress...nothing is glued down yet..
I'm adding tons more layers and backgrounds to bring in the creepy elements
I used Studio 490 Alphabetically Art stamp set to make both the large peony and the smaller peonies.   
Each of the smaller peonies are five of the small flowers from the Alpha set, layered up and curled to make the flower shape.  I love these little flowers!  I even made a couple flower buds using a single flower stamp.
The daisies were stamped in Memento from Studio 490 set Funky Flower Art.  I hand cut each one and layered up four of them to make each daisy.  
There are four layers of grass that I will glue into the box to make several dimensions.  And it will make a little pocket for the fairy to stand in, as well.  Each of these layers is made of three different green colors of cardstock.  I hand cut out each one!
Look to future posts as I am still in search of all the embellishments I need to make that whimsically creepy vibe I want.  Plus, I think Secret Garden from Graphic 45 (I think available after CHA) will have some patterned papers that would make an ideal background for the box.


  1. Can't want to see her finished home - I amamazed at the way you are using this stamp set!

  2. I cannot wait to see it. Hurry and finish by the 24th! hee hee