Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Road Trip Part 3

Mineral King Valley

We took another hike the next day out of Mineral King Valley, Eagle Lake Trail.  It was stunning, but also steep.
Pretty sage covered hills were dotted with butterflies everywhere.
The following day we hiked about 3 miles on the Farewell Gap Trail towards Franklin Lakes

This provided beautiful views over the valley.

We also forged this stream and followed it up the mountain.
Along the way, gorgeous wildflowers covered the mountain sides. 
Western Columbine

Sulfur Buckwheat, I think

Blue Flax

Indian Paintbrush Mixed with Buckwheat

Scarlett Bugler
Blue-Eyed Grass

Too Many Beautiful Flowers to Name

I will say that Mineral King was originally set out to become a ski resort, developed by Disney. However, this was the first time that the Sierra Club was able to prove that time out in the great outdoors has an intrinsic value. 
Our trip would have been very different if Disney had come into the valley.
I think I like it better now...
Really and truly
America the Beautiful
Where we turned around. The distant V of the trees in the valley, is where we started the hike.

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