Sunday, December 23, 2012

Paper Dolls

I know I gush sometimes about the things I make, but this is one I really want to brag about....

Three regal flower fairies that have articulated arms, legs, and heads: Mom, Big Sister, and Baby Blue

I have been madly making a few paper dolls for my niece.  She loves fairies, so I thought she might like some fairy paper dolls.  So I flipped through some free clip art sites and found an articulated paper doll body, a variety of faces, and the wings.  The flowers are from a Studio 490 stamp set called Alphabetically Art.  Each doll is made with nine of these flowers that I then cut out and added some color with Copics.  The faces were black and white, so I used my Copics to match the girls faces to the limbs. 

The wings flap when you jiggle the popsicle stick.

I made slits in the back of the flower and put tabs from each wing through the slits.  This gives the wings extra stability and a fluttering effect.
Inside each flower is a matching gem

See how the arms and head are two different clip art pieces

Note the articulated arms and legs.  You can change her pose.  I love creating something you can play with!




  1. What a great use of those gorgeous flowers!

  2. I want to play with one! These are priceless - your niece will love them!

  3. My niece loves them. I even got to play with the Mom while she was the girls. Precious!