Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The other day I was reflecting on old time toys.  In particular, I was thinking about the jumping jack dolls, where you pull the string and their arms and legs move up and down.  I thought about how much fun it would be to make boy dolls with my sons' faces.  So away I went.  I designed these boys myself.  I started with the arms.  I free cut out one arm shape in chipboard.  I cut two for each boy.  I could flip it over to make the left side.  Then I made the legs the same way.
 I made the body with extra space around the joints to allow plenty of space for the brads.  I took a close up photo and re sized it to 2" to be in proportion to the doll bodies.  I printed them out on card stock and glued them.  I covered the rest of the body with Graphic 45's A Proper Gentleman pattern papers.  I trimmed any excess paper from the edges and lightly sanded any remaining bits of paper.
I added on a collar by sewing a strip of paper that I slit at the top and folded down the corners.  I also added a belt with a paper strip.  The buttons are from my Mother in Law's stash of old buttons.  The brads are Making Memories.  The mechanism to make the boys arms and legs move with a string didn't work out.  My motto is: There Are No Mistakes in Scapbooking, Just Opportunity for Embellishment!  The legs and arms move and the boys can dance by simply holding the body and giving the doll a little shake.  These boys make me smile almost as much as my sons.

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