Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Sketch

I found some time to play with my new art toys, the Gelatos.  I had used them in a class a couple weeks ago and wanted to experiment with them some more.  Faber-Castell has really rich colors that remind me of colored pencils and oil pastels. 

The Mummy Lady
The Mummy Lady was made using graphite pencil and the Gelatos over top the pencil lines.    Then, I went over everything with a blending tool.  See how the yellow blends into the pink in her halo?  So pretty.. I love the affect.  I also really like how her body is really serpent-like.

I couldn't find any color names on the Gelatos, but I used basic, bright colors: orange, yellow, white, light green, red, black, and pink. 
The Lady is going to be in the Shoppe book.  Thinking I will have her inside layers of distressed papers and maybe even some muslin, layered with gesso and paint.  Let's see how this evolves...I am off to craft.


  1. Chris - this is so cool - I really want to play around with the gelatos and india ink markers - just never enough time

  2. I am in awe of your artist talent!